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Welcome to N. Settels Traducciones!

If you wish to receive a fast and high- quality translations and a serious service, then N. Settels Traducciones is exactly the right place for you.

We are native speaking translators specialised in sworn translation. We work with all kind of translation and interpreting.

We are using only the most specialised dictionaries and translation programs for every field.

For those who do not know what kind of work the sworn translator do or what differentiate them from the general translators, here some information about sworn translators and sworn translations:



A sworn translator certifies that the translation of a foreign language is complete and correct. The prerequisite is that the translator needs to be authorized by state law or public order.




Certified translations are approved translations delivered in paper format and consist of the translator`s signature and the punch. These translations can only be made by duly sworn court and publicly appointed sworn translators. Certified translations are often required in connection with legal proceedings, naturalization procedures, binational marriages, emigration, return migration, semesters abroad, etc.



Each new lenguage is like a open Windows which offers a view to the World and expands the view of life
Haris, author, editor and journalist